It all started with....

an Easy-bake oven when I was 6 years old. Serving thumbnail-size chocolate chip cookies and magically transforming chocolate powder and water into brownies for my two hungry brothers was addicting. Every friend, cousin and neighbor who came over after that would be playing with my new kitchen gadget. Perhaps a snow-cone maker, plastic spaghetti machine, cotton candy spinner, or microwave cake thingamajig. It was always food, and particularly baking.

So, the kitchen was my chosen playground, and I continued to play and play. After graduating college with a Bachelor's degree in Natural Science (nutrition and chemistry always fascinated me), I found my way to Le Cordon Bleu Paris.  

And so it was, I put in my time at restaurants in Los Angeles, France, and Italy, along with recipe writing, and teaching. The family person that I am, I had to come back home to LA. In 2014, I began Chef Joanna's bakery, baking and selling Power Energy Bars and Bread. Most recently, I teamed up with Grand Fondo Wine Co. to host exclusive Wine Tasting Pop-ups in Studio City. More wine, beer, and cheese partnerships to come! 

But, the breakfast table has always been my sanctuary. The dream of Chef Joanna's bakery is to bring more families and friends together over good, simple food. A place for community to gather, an oasis in the city.

I cannot go without saying that urban farming is a growing interest of mine, and I can't wait to keep you updated on the local produce I am growing, and the sprouts, which are truly impressive. I hope to integrate more nature and food growing into our communities.

The chef's responsibilities today extend beyond the kitchen, and must address the nutrition of our food; a stance on the economic, environmental, social, and political profile of our food is necessary. Through teaching more self-reliance through urban farming and cooking, it is my hope that we can improve the social nutrition of our communities.

To see my website dedicated to my cookbook and nutrition writing endeavors follow the link below