Egg Hole Sandwich with FoodbyJoseph | Kid-Friendly Breakfasts

Egg Hole Sandwich aka Eggs in a Basket or I call Eggs in a Rhodie 🍳🍞 Fun food for the family.

I grew up making these little egg toasts for my family and I was so happy Joseph asked to do these on the show! Thank you @foodbyjoseph
All you need is a jar or cookie cutter to cut a hole in a piece of bread and then crack your egg in the hole and fry with a good amount of butter for a great toast. Flip once and cook egg to your liking. Top with whatever you like!
Joseph showed a great way to use the little extra piece of bread you cut out.... make a taco with it! So this is two breakfasts in one. It always makes me smile to make these and think of childhood days. Enjoy this simple way to change up your breakfast. Your kids will love it.

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