What's in the Fridge? 

Welcome to my nomad kitchen!  After traveling the year with digital nomads, I dedicated my blog to featuring recipes of the world. I took cooking classes in each city and now am making those authentic recipes easy and accessible for the home cook. Some of the recipes you'll find are from Morocco, Portugal, Serbia, Colombia, just to name a few. 

If you're interested in the first cookbook of the trip, it is finally out! Order "Month in Marrakech: a food and travel memoir" by clicking on the link. 

Many of the recipes I write emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables. My approach is the Mediterranean diet. Being half Mexican and half Armenian living in California, I grew up with dishes like Steak con chiles, Chile RelleƱosTabuli, Stuffed eggplant, and spinach patties, many of which I made with my grandma and are featured on this blog. 

My mission is to help my friends and family eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and smaller amounts of meat. I believe the best diet is one of balance, not restricting one food group or another. I do have a big sweet tooth for pastries so sometimes I have a hard time with the balance. So, you'll find a few dessert recipes sprinkled throughout. Can't help myself. 

When I'm not working on recipes and the blog, I teach cooking classes and put on pop-up dinners in Los Angeles. If you want to keep up on the schedule of events, visit www.chefjoannas.com

Keep on cooking,