Live to a Healthy 100 (an outlive the average American by 10 years)

Imagine living the best quality of life like nature intended…all while making delicious meals for you and your family.

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Dear Reader: 

Do you fear getting old? Do you think that getting older means getting disease?

I’m Chef Joanna and I had similar worries.  As I saw more and more older Americans living with chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, I wondered what role food had to play in all of it.

That lead me down a path to researching Longevity diets for the last 10 years of my life. After I graduated culinary school in 2010, I wanted to know the answer of why my parents and grandparents were getting disease so young. I wondered if it was my fate too.

All those years of research and working with dieticians as a recipe developer continuously brought me back to a few simple truths. The most important ones about longevity, I believe, are to eat a 95% plant-based diet, maintain supportive relationships, and to have a sense of purpose or self-reflection.

Since I’m a chef, I’ll focus on the first one. I’ll teach you how to make plant-based dishes that can delight you and your family. My goal is that you live to a healthy 100.

That’s why I created this book as a first step. In it, you’ll find 5 plant-based dinners for your first week. This is a stepping stone into eating in a way that will sustain you to a healthy 100.

In this cookbook, you'll find:

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