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I wanted to create a quick list of the foods and products I love. 

I will receive a small compensation for the products listed here, but it will be at no additional cost to you. Thank you for the support!


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I don't receive compensation for these products/services below, I just love them. They are small businesses doing the right things- making sustainable products with a conscious. 


Marta's Cooking Classes in Siena, Italy

Marta is an incredible teacher based in Siena, Italy. She is passionate about sharing Tuscan recipes and history with her students around the world. We started cooking weekly on IG Live ever since the pandemic began and her recipes are the simple, authentic Italian recipes people dream about. 

Marta does online cooking classes for homemade pasta, cacio e pepe, ravioli, and Italian sweets. She is a joy to cook with. 

Edith and Herbert

Danielle is a close friend. When it comes to herbal remedies, she's my go-to. She always has the right herbal concoction. When I need some self-care, I buy her "bath teas" and fade away into a rejuvenating bath. 

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Refresh Bath Drops 🌟 ———————————————————————— Want to feel Refreshed? Hoping to experience Regeneration and New Life? Engage in the ultimate self-care bath with our soul nourishing bath drops. ———————————————————————— Our Bath Drops are made with Jojoba Oil, which is the closest oil to our body’s natural sebum allowing for the ultimate soothing and moisturizing of your skin. Placing Essential Oil drops (EO) in a carrier oil allows for better absorption in the body while taking a bath AKA makes them more potent and effective than just drops of EO in the water. Knowing that, you don’t need much of these drops to feel the benefits ————————————————————————— To use: Squeeze one dropper in a bath tub to enjoy a nice soak. Pairs well with bath salts or Bath Tea. For use in a shower, squeeze a dropper on a towel and put it in the shower to steam. Drops are a potent 5mL ———————————————————————— #EdithAndHerbert #BathDrops #Bath #SelfCare #WomenOwned #SmallBusiness #BodyCare #Organic #NaturalBeauty #EssentialOils #Summer #BodyLove #FeelGood #Eco #Handmade #SupportSmallBusiness #Relax #Calm #Refresh #Serene #Melt #SaferAtHome #Hops #Heather #Lavender #HerbalInfusion #Herbal #Herbalism

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The Jill Pill

Jill is a fitness educator and a warm, patient teacher. She is so optimistic and will get you up off your seat doing stretches or Zumba. If you want to smile, check out her videos. She does Zoom workout classes for all ages. 

Integrity Cacao

Hands down this is my favorite chocolate. Its raw, vegan gluten-free, refined sugar-free and all those good things. I met Merissa, the owner a few years ago and saw how passionate she is about making chocolates with integrity. She traveled to Ecuador to find the sustainable chocolate growers and has done all the work to make this high vibrating product :)

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🍫Our chocolates have no fillers, preservatives, or synthetics. ❤Essential oils & superfood fruit powders for impactful, healing effects +fresh flavor. 🍫3 to 5 ingredients per formula. Its not cocoa, its Integrity Cacao! ❤Rich, bold chocolate clouds billow across your tongue, enveloping your tastebuds in layers of luxurious chocolate velvet before dissipating like a soft kiss. 🍫Check out all our online exclusives, site in bio #real #nofillers #whole #superfoods #craftchocolate #foodasmedicine #gourmet #cacao #notcocoa #essentialoils #cantrelate #luxury #rose #orange #seasalt #artist #darkchocolate #ayurveda #detox #keto #paleo #divine #veganchocolate #newearth #gaia #humanpotential #brain #heart #joy

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